Velbevaret hus

Welcome to the bike route Darum Marsh Farms

The route is approx 6 km long
This route takes you around the Watten Sea Village St. Darum with many original marsh land farms. 
On the route you will pass the old and well preserved vicarage, the church (the oldest building from 1100) and the old thatched school house.
You can also ride on the oldest, longest and original church path in the country.

The Marsh Farms
There are approx 50 marsh farms in the village and the close proximity to the big meadows are quite unique.
The typical marsh farm is from the end of 1700 to the middle of 1800. Many have the preserved original features.
They are thatched and red or white washed.

On Gl. Sognevej, Vesterbyvej and on Sonderbyvej the enclave were close to the farms, but each farm had had access to fields nearby. The enclaves were used for herbs, vegetables or pens for calves.

Today the fields are used for crop or grass area. You will have a beautiful view over the landscape nearly wherever you are in the village.
Many of the well kept Marsh farms are buildings worthy of preservation.

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